Answers & Research

  • You’ve been approached by an international buyer. What are your best options for logistics and payment terms?
  • Your company is ready to begin selling internationally. How do you determine the best markets to enter?
  • You’ve set a goal to increase exports to a specific region.  How can you focus limited resources on making the right connections and participating in the best opportunities?

Research Assistants - Answers & ResearchOne of the primary ways that Maine International Trade Center (MITC) fulfills our mission to expand the state’s economy through increased international trade is providing one-on-one trade assistance and consulting to Maine businesses.  Trade assistance covers a broad range of areas including foreign import regulations, tariffs, logistics, sourcing, and research reports on best new markets.

Trade assistance is supported by the entire MITC team’s international experience and network. Trade Specialists have expertise across multiple industry sectors, such as aerospace, boat building, biotechnology, food, and wood products. Research Assistants, part of our Future Global Leaders internship program, gather information and produce reports on market trends, trade flow, cultural customs, qualified trade leads, and regulations for specific countries.

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