Success Stories

Fiber Materials, Inc. (FMI)

Fiber Materials, Inc. (FMI) designs, develops, and manufactures high temperature composite materials for air, land, sea, and space. While the core business is defense, FMI also plays a key role in the country’s space program. In collaboration with NASA, they designed a heat shield system for the Mars 2012 rover mission and are currently working on new systems for the Mars 2020 rover mission and the New Frontiers program. In 2017, FMI is expanding into new commercial markets and seeking international opportunities.



Thornton Academy

In 2015, Thornton Academy, an independent school in Saco, was awarded the highly prestigious President’s “E” Award — the first Maine organization to receive the honor in more than 32 years.

A founding member of MITC’s StudyMaine initiative, Thornton Academy received the award in recognition of its international student program, currently home to more than 150 international students from 20 countries.



Auburn Manufacturing, Inc.

As an industry leader in its field and a significant Maine manufacturer, Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI) has continued to thrive throughout 2014. The company’s overseas markets have grown in Asia, Australia, and Latin America. AMI’s high heat insulation fabrics are being used in welding projects across various industries: shipbuilding in South Korea, mining in Australia, and a range of industrial sectors, such as automotive and petroleum, in Mexico.



Ready Seafood

Ten years ago, John and Brendan Ready had to decide between paying rent for an apartment or leasing new warehouse space on the Portland waterfront. They chose to pay for warehouse space, both living and working there. In 2014, their business is a multi-million-dollar international lobster enterprise.