Wood Industry Expertise
Industry Expertise: Wood Products

One of the backbones of the state’s economy, forest products – including pulp and paper - remains a firm focus for the Maine International Trade Center (MITC).

Hand-made furniture, lumber, wood pellets, log home construction, premium wood flooring, and other building materials are just a few of the wood products that puts Maine on the map. Generations of expertise and experience have put these quality products in high demand around the country and around the world.

Maine’s Renewable Energy and Life Sciences sectors are utilizing wood products with cutting edge technology for biofuel, bioplastics, composites and advanced materials manufacturing.

MITCr works closely with the Softwood Export Council (SEC) to organize booths at trade shows to find new markets for Maine wood products. Through this program, Maine companies have participated at trade shows in China, Vietnam, Dubai, and England in recent years.

Please contact MITC for research assistance for international markets for your wood products.

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