Trade Research
Trade Research
Knowledge is a competitive advantage.  Our Trade Specialists and Research Assistants provide companies with customized research and advice on entering new international markets, using resources such as WISERTrade Statistics, Kompass Worldwide, and AtoZ World Trade. Our Trade Secialists are trained to keep up to date with the latest regulations and research techniques, and they monitor business trends around the world.

We can query the databases by commodity or by geographic region and deliver a market report, a statistical analysis, or a trade lead based on your request.

Sample Trade Research Reports

“When we became a MITC member years ago, we were just beginning to look at international expansion. The trade research assistance that MITC provided for Japan and Mexico was valuable in forming our strategy in these new markets.”

Stephen Hides, CEO, Hydro International, Portland, ME
Trade Statistics
At the core of our trade research are international trade statistics that show Maine's trade by industry with specific countries by gross valuation and percent change, as well general trends.

Key Statistical Reports
Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Federal Register Notices
The Trade Center acts as the state's single point of contact for notices from the USTR. We make them available for public inspection. However, since our collection is not comprehensive, you can:
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For trade research assistance requests, please contact Hannah Webb at 207.553-7708.