Food Export USA Internship

Job Title:  Food Export Research Intern

Employer Name and Location: Maine International Trade Center, Portland, ME

Application Deadline:  January 4, 2021

Job Description:  15-20 hours/week, school year paid internship (beginning February 2021)

  • Assist with updating State and Food Export databases of companies.
  • Collect information for State and Food Export newsletters and websites
  • Promote Food Export/State events using social media
  • Conduct research and create reports on products or markets that are related to state company interests.
  • Assist in recruiting, organizing, planning, and executing State and Food Export Seminars.
  • Participate in intern training activities that could include relevant webinars, informational calls with Food Export Staff, meetings with the intern supervisor, or any other activity that will enhance the skills and experience of the intern.
  • Help with new and special projects undertaken by Food Export and by the state agency in which assistance is needed.


Candidates must have completed their sophomore year of college before beginning the internship and are selected from an applicant pool based on academic performance (GPA of 3.0 or higher required), demonstrated research and writing ability, and interest in the international trade arena.  Applicants must be current students, enrolled in either a graduate or undergraduate degree program.

Application Procedure:

We look forward to the opportunity to review your application, which should include:

  • A cover letter explaining your background, your reason for applying, and how an internship with MITC and Food Export USA fits in with your goals.
  • A current resume.
  • A copy of your grades (it need not be an *official* transcript – an online printout will suffice).
  • A writing sample (an essay or report that you have submitted for school).

Send the completed application package to:

Maine International Trade Center
ATTN: Food Export Internship/Billie Cary
2 Portland Fish Pier, Suite 204
Portland, ME 04101

Fax: 207-541-7420