Answers & Research

  • You’ve been approached by an international buyer. What are your best options for logistics and payment terms?
  • Your company is ready to begin selling internationally. How do you determine the best markets to enter?
  • You’ve set a goal to increase exports to a specific region.  How can you focus limited resources on making the right connections and participating in the best opportunities?

According to our recent International Business Needs Survey, MITC’s one-on-one consulting assistance and research services are extremely important and highly valued by Maine businesses. Trade assistance covers a broad range of topics including logistics, tariffs, documentation, and research reports on new markets.

MITC staff have a combined total of over 96 years of international trade experience. With many years of experience comes a depth of knowledge and strong connections in key industry sectors including aerospace, agriculture, biotech, composites, consumer goods, defense, education, food & beverage, forest products, life sciences, logistics, renewable energy, seafood, and textiles. In addition, our team has developed expertise and valuable contacts in export markets in Asia, Canada, and the High North/North Atlantic.

MITC Trade Specialists can assist with harmonized tariff schedules, customs related documents, visa and passport requirements, rules of origin, travel information, export controls, banned denied parties, country demographics, duty comparisons, and plenty more. (We will even let you know that in Bulgaria, flowers are always given in odd numbers of stems for good luck.)

How can MITC help you expand your business globally?