Invest in Maine

Invest in Maine is an initiative of Maine International Trade Center and Maine Department of Economic and Community Development established to promote job creation and growth through overseas business attraction.


Maine’s relatively low cost for industrial and commercial real estate, proximity to nearly 20% of the U.S population in the Boston-Washington DC corridor, logistical capabilities (by road, rail, sea, and air), and abundant natural resources are key selling points in attracting companies from around the globe.

Invest in Maine introduces the state as a potential location to companies looking to expand or enter the U.S. market. Focusing on Maine’s strongest sectors in value-added manufacturing and processing, the initiative assists decision-makers in determining whether the state is a good fit for the company.  Activities include: organizing and managing company visits; facilitating site selection and providing data; and arranging meetings with stakeholders, potential partners, and suppliers, as well as introducing them to appropriate resources.