In international trade, you can get there from here

Mainers set the bar for bootstrapping their own businesses, but when it comes to thinking beyond the state’s borders, particularly globally, many stop short, citing a lack of time or money.

While I admire such common sense, international trade is a hobby horse of mine: before moving to Maine I spent a good part of my career reporting overseas. I also lived in Japan, an island nation that needs global trade to prosper. So living in a state with abundant resources of its own, but a limited local market, I’ve sought out companies to write about that have ventured beyond the state’s borders, and done so successfully.

Portland-based Tex Tech Industries Inc., which among other things makes 75% of the world’s tennis ball felt, makes only $1 million of its $63 million in worldwide revenues from local customers. Similarly, Kepware Technologies, a software company with $30 million in revenue last year, culled 50% of it internationally but less than 1% in Maine.

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