Tariff relief sought for Maine’s apple growers

Two months after Maine’s Congressional delegation sought federal relief for lobstermen and wild blueberry growers harmed by China’s retaliatory trade tariffs, the feds are being urged to help the state’s apple growers.

“As larger apple producers in the western U.S. are no longer able to export as much product to markets such as China and India, those apples are sent to the eastern U.S., flooding the domestic market,” Collins and Golden wrote to Perdue Sept. 11. “This is especially harmful for smaller growers like those in Maine who rely predominantly on the domestic market for sales.”

Collins and Golden requested that Perdue obtain U.S. Department of Agriculture relief through the Agricultural Trade Promotion Program or “any other department trade relief programs.” The ATP program is the one from which Maine’s delegation sought funds in July for the lobster industry.

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