Meet Our Current Interns

Meet Our Current Interns

Summer 2024

Adam Collins

Adam is a Maine resident and a senior at the University of Southern Maine studying for his BS in Information Technology. Outside of school, he performs multi-faceted work for the trading card game community in the state of Maine and beyond, offering community events such as tournaments or personalized lessons via coaching. Through this work, he gained a new appreciation for learning and understanding the individualized traits of people both locally and away. With this internship, Adam strives to learn about the intricacies of people and businesses abroad. In his spare time, he loves to perform calisthenics, play trading card games, and listen to Sophisti-Pop.

Brendan Mailloux

A senior at American University in Washington, DC, Brendan studies International Relations with a focus in Foreign Policy and National Security. With academic experience in a wide range of subjects, he is excited to see first-hand how international trends interact in ways that benefit Maine’s businesses and economy. When back home in Maine, Brendan aims to take full advantage of the outdoors and enjoys hiking, tennis, and biking in his free time.

Kasei Oma

Kasei is a junior at Bowdoin College, majoring in Government and Legal Studies (Comparative Politics) and Asian Studies (East Asia). Born in Japan, he grew up in China and is currently an international student in Maine. Kasei’s transnational experience has prompted him to develop and possess a deep appreciation for the nuances of globally diversified politics and economic markets. Fluent in both Japanese and Mandarin, he can communicate effectively in both languages. At Bowdoin, Kasei is an active board member of the Japanese Student Association, where he takes part in Japanese-affiliated cultural promotion events on campus and is in charge of the club’s year-long treasury management. He is also a member of Bowdoin’s Student Appeals and Awards Committee, where he engages in the nominations of several student awards and the hearings of academic appeals at the college. As a new Mainer, he is very excited about the opportunities to exercise all of his acquired skills in the professional setting at MITC and work alongside the businesses and his colleagues to enhance Maine’s global economic competitiveness.

Spring 2024

Lauren Cornelio

A graduate student at the University of Southern Maine, Lauren is working towards earning her master’s degree in Leadership Studies in May 2024. She recently received a bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Psychology. Lauren has been an active member of the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute (OSWLI) since she was selected in the program’s inaugural group in 2015. A founding member of the OSWLI alumni council, she is currently serving her second term and is passionate about sharing the value of the program with others. Born and raised in Maine, Lauren has lived here her whole life and has a deep appreciation for the state and all it has to offer. After taking several classes in the food studies program as an undergrad, she developed a specific interest in the food and beverage sector. In her free time, Lauren loves to run, travel, go to the beach, and play basketball. 

Nate Folker

Nate is a junior at Bates College studying Economics. Outside of class, he is a member of the Bates Club Water Polo team and is the treasurer of the Film Board, an organization that screens movies on the Bates campus. Though born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, Nate has gained a great appreciation for Maine over the past two and a half years. He is especially grateful for the many outdoor activities Maine has to offer. Inspired by a study abroad experience in Amsterdam, Nate hopes to use this internship to explore the world of international business and learn more about businesses in Maine. In his spare time, Nate enjoys cooking, playing spikeball, watching movies, and skiing.

Colin Tippett

A junior at the University of Southern Maine, Colin is studying economics and is a member of the Men’s Track and Field team. Having lived in Maine his entire life, he is dedicated to supporting his home state. Colin has a lifelong interest in learning and is dedicated to obtaining new skills whenever and wherever he can. Colin views economics as an important way to understand people and the world. After graduation, he plans to continue his career in economics.