Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now?

Catching Up with Former MITC Interns

Maxine Secskas

Collaborating, Learning, Adapting, Monitoring and Evaluation (CLAME) Specialist, Headlight Consulting Services

MITC Internship: June 2014 -January 2015

“Growing up in the Midcoast, I was always fascinated by international culture, economics, and politics, which always felt so distant and exciting. My time at MITC opened my eyes to how globally connected we are here in Maine! This understanding helped me to reconcile my desire to live in the place I love so dearly, while also knowing I had opportunities for internationally-focused work close to home. Professionally, my internship at MITC helped me to build skills in technical research report writing and workshop facilitation, both of which I use in my job today. 

My time at MITC helped build a foundation for a professional international focus that has since led me to coordinate teaching English abroad programs at CIEE (another great Portland-based organization), study in Germany to get my Master’s degree in Global Political Economy and Development, and now build a career in international development, right back here in Maine! In my current position as a CLAME Specialist for a small International consulting firm based in Maine, I have contributed to large qualitative data coding and analysis projects, helped clients define and understand their existing evidence bases, and supported a USAID mission in drafting their performance management plan and conducting their mid-course stocktaking. I strive to contribute to Headlight’s rigorous qualitative analysis work, while also promoting collaborating, learning, and adapting behavior change opportunities for clients.”

(Posted May 2023)

Apryl King

Liaison, Food Export USA - Northeast

MITC Internship: September – December 2017

“During my time as a Future Global Leader intern, I developed a passion for international trade and helping businesses achieve their goals. After completing my semester as a Future Global Leader, I was asked to stay on in a different capacity, as an Intern for Food Export USA – Northeast. Food Export is a non-profit trade organization that assists US companies looking to start or expand export sales. Since Maine International Trade Center is a member and partner of Food Export, I was able to work with Maine food, beverage, and seafood companies to assist in meeting their export goals. Learning about a company – its story,  product, and goals – is always rewarding. After I graduated from the University of Southern Maine, I moved to Philadelphia to accept a full-time position at Food Export – Northeast as a Liaison. In my current role, I work with companies in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island. I continue to work with Maine International Trade Center, but in a different capacity, as we collaborate to help Maine’s businesses.

(Posted April 2023)

Maeve Blodgett

Environmental Markets Trading Assistant, 3Degrees Group, Inc.

MITC Internship: January - May 2022

“My interest in trading sparked during my senior year of college when I took an International Trade course at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine where I double majored in International Business and Business Management. This course and my passionate professor prompted me to want to learn more about Maine’s trade service offerings for local businesses. Through my current role on the North American REC team at 3Degrees, I can see daily performance benefits from my time at Maine International Trade Center (MITC). In addition to understanding gained surrounding Maine’s economy and trade dynamics, I saw first-hand all that MITC does to support Maine businesses, allowing me to gain skills in collaboration, research, and communication. 

Today, I find myself in a role where I am continuously growing by working with various teams to meet corporate customers’ renewable energy needs and am learning something new every day. My strong values in sustainability led me to 3Degrees, which was recently named to the “Best for the World 2022” list by B Lab. I am beyond lucky to have had the invaluable experience of learning from Maine’s experts in trading advisement during my internship, and now to actively learn from the best in the renewable energy space leading the industry by example feels surreal.

(Posted February 2023)

Tim Harder

Technical Sales Representative, Skretting / Bio-Oregon East

MITC Internship: September - December 2013

“After the Future Global Leaders program at Maine International Trade Center, I found my way to Alere Scarborough Inc. (now Abbott), working on the Alere i rapid molecular testing device. My time there also included various roles in quality and supplier management. I was amazed at the amount sophistication and technical know-how we had right here in Maine.

My first love is aquaculture, and since leaving Abbott I was able to find my way to a technical sales role with Bio-Oregon aquafeeds. Bio-Oregon offers the highest quality feeds for hatcheries looking to enhance their wild fish stocks and create attractive fishing opportunities. From our little warehouse in Maine, we supply thousands of tons of feed to customers all over the US!”

(Posted January 2023)

William O'Neil

Energy Analyst, ESAI Energy

MITC Internship: June - September 2020

“Working at MITC completely changed my career path by opening the doors to international business. I especially loved doing best markets research and learning the ins and outs of the shipping industry. 

After MITC, I went on to work at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank doing research on a variety of topics ranging from the future of autonomous vehicles to the role of hydrogen fuel in decarbonizing the global shipping industry. In Fall 2021, I started my Master’s degree at the Fletcher School at Tufts University, where I study international finance and energy policy.

Alongside school, I’ve worked at a consulting firm for about 2 years now, leading the firm’s analysis of energy markets in Russia and the Former Soviet Union. I plan to continue working there after graduation this May.

I have nothing but great memories from MITC and am grateful for the introduction to international trade!”

(Posted January 2023)

Bryan Hill

Mid Market Account Executive, HubSpot

MITC Internship: September - December 2012

“My time at MITC has proved invaluable and served as the perfect foundation for my career in software sales. In my present role, I’m tasked with identifying organizations who can benefit from our solution, building a relationship with them, and gaining an understanding of their business to determine how we help them scale effectively. All of the research and analytical skills I gained identifying potential international partners/distributors for Maine based businesses allowed me to flex those muscles early on. If you’re interested in business development or sales of any kind, an internship at MITC will strengthen your ability to identify potential opportunities and complete the research needed to begin building those bridges. Can’t recommend MITC enough!”

(Posted November 2021)

Claudia Salgado

Commercial Specialist for Energy and Environment, U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce

MITC Internship: January - July 2006

“I learned a lot from the people at the Maine International Trade Center (MITC) – Wade, Zeynep, Janine, and other colleagues and interns I had the pleasure to work with. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in International Trade, but I didn’t know where to start. MITC offered me the best opportunity a recent graduate like me could ever wish for. Through my internship at MITC, I had the opportunity to assist different companies that were looking to expand their activities to foreign markets, and I helped them with their initial research to locate the best markets and prospects for their products and services. MITC was co-located with the Export Assistance Center of Maine and both offices were constantly communicating and collaborating to help U.S. exporters.

Today, I work for the U.S. Commercial Service, which is part of the same organization as the Export Assistance Centers in the United States. I currently assist U.S. exporters in the Mexican market to find distributors and partners or participate in projects, especially in the energy and environmental sectors. I graduated from the University of Maine at Farmington with a BA in International Studies with concentrations in Business/Economics and Political Science in 2004, and I completed my MA in International Relations from Brock University in Ontario in 2005. MITC offered the perfect opportunity for me to practice what I had learned, a wonderful experience, and the right step to kick off my career. That internship experience was highly valued when I applied for jobs when I returned to Mexico. I am very thankful for that opportunity and what makes me more happy is that I still get to work with some of my former colleagues and friends from MITC when there is a trade mission from Maine to Mexico.”

(Posted July 2021)

Kathryn McMorrow

Inside Sales Representative, IDEXX

MITC Internship: May - August 2019

“My internship at MITC directly supports my current position at IDEXX. During my internship I was able to create foundational knowledge about this incredible company, which is a MITC member, before graduating college. During the summer member appreciation event, I was able to meet some of the leadership team at IDEXX, as well. After I saw the ISR position posted, I was excited and confident in applying, knowing the skills I had gained would support my growth in this new role. One of the main responsibilities as an intern was to communicate with clients/customers while applying quick-thinking, problem solving, and research-based skills. I rely heavily on these tools in my current role.

(Posted March 2021)