Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now?

Catching Up with Former MITC Interns

Bryan Hill

Mid Market Account Executive, HubSpot

MITC Internship: September - December 2012

“My time at MITC has proved invaluable and served as the perfect foundation for my career in software sales. In my present role, I’m tasked with identifying organizations who can benefit from our solution, building a relationship with them, and gaining an understanding of their business to determine how we help them scale effectively. All of the research and analytical skills I gained identifying potential international partners/distributors for Maine based businesses allowed me to flex those muscles early on. If you’re interested in business development or sales of any kind, an internship at MITC will strengthen your ability to identify potential opportunities and complete the research needed to begin building those bridges. Can’t recommend MITC enough!”

(November 2021)

Claudia Salgado

Commercial Specialist for Energy and Environment, U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce

MITC Internship: January - July 2006

“I learned a lot from the people at the Maine International Trade Center (MITC) – Wade, Zeynep, Janine, and other colleagues and interns I had the pleasure to work with. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in International Trade, but I didn’t know where to start. MITC offered me the best opportunity a recent graduate like me could ever wish for. Through my internship at MITC, I had the opportunity to assist different companies that were looking to expand their activities to foreign markets, and I helped them with their initial research to locate the best markets and prospects for their products and services. MITC was co-located with the Export Assistance Center of Maine and both offices were constantly communicating and collaborating to help U.S. exporters.

Today, I work for the U.S. Commercial Service, which is part of the same organization as the Export Assistance Centers in the United States. I currently assist U.S. exporters in the Mexican market to find distributors and partners or participate in projects, especially in the energy and environmental sectors. I graduated from the University of Maine at Farmington with a BA in International Studies with concentrations in Business/Economics and Political Science in 2004, and I completed my MA in International Relations from Brock University in Ontario in 2005. MITC offered the perfect opportunity for me to practice what I had learned, a wonderful experience, and the right step to kick off my career. That internship experience was highly valued when I applied for jobs when I returned to Mexico. I am very thankful for that opportunity and what makes me more happy is that I still get to work with some of my former colleagues and friends from MITC when there is a trade mission from Maine to Mexico. “

(July 2021)

Kathryn McMorrow

Inside Sales Representative, IDEXX

MITC Internship: May - August 2019

“My internship at MITC directly supports my current position at IDEXX. During my internship I was able to create foundational knowledge about this incredible company, which is a MITC member, before graduating college. During the summer member appreciation event, I was able to meet some of the leadership team at IDEXX, as well. After I saw the ISR position posted, I was excited and confident in applying, knowing the skills I had gained would support my growth in this new role. One of the main responsibilities as an intern was to communicate with clients/customers while applying quick-thinking, problem solving, and research-based skills. I rely heavily on these tools in my current role.

(March 2021)