Maine is a world-class education destination where every type of life-long learner is welcome.

Maine public and private educational institutions feature a wide variety of programs designed for traditional or nontraditional undergraduate and graduate students, apprenticeships and internships for professional development, and career-specific training and re-training for adult workers.

Educational attainment is a key determinant of economic success

International students contribute over $100 million to Maine’s economy annually

Colleges and universities support more than 30,000 Maine jobs

Maine is a world-class education destination where every type of life-long learner is welcome.

Welcoming international students offers many benefits, some of which are more easily measurable. In 2024, nearly 3,000 international students were enrolled in Maine schools. International students contribute over $100 million annually to Maine’s economy.

Equally if not more important than the economic impact are the longer-term benefits to Maine students and communities such as increased diversity and global perspectives. For example, American students who directly interact with international students are more likely to read or speak a foreign language; appreciate art, music, literature of different cultures; and view current problems in historical context.

MITC’s StudyMaine initiative is a statewide consortium of Maine high schools, colleges, and universities that was created to promote Maine as a top US education destination to potential students, parents, and education agents around the world.

Educational institutions are global, looking to attract the best minds when recruiting talent for R&D and academic partnerships.

The education sector in Maine provides an important foundation for economic growth and development through global academic partnerships, international student attraction, and workforce development efforts in partnership with local businesses.

Economic growth depends on a skilled workforce. Educational institutions are training partners for Maine companies, offering solutions in many sectors including aquaculture, healthcare, and hospitality.

Join the Maine Workforce Development Compact

The Maine Workforce Development Compact is comprised of Maine businesses, associations, nonprofits, and municipalities who are committed to working together to solve Maine’s workforce challenges. 

For Compact members, training can occur at one of Maine’s community colleges, by a third-party training vendor, or through your own company-based training department. All Maine companies qualify, and there are additional resources available to small- and mid-sized companies.

Unlock training resources and join over 1,000 Maine businesses who have signed the compact to provide their employees with expanded workforce training opportunities and scholarships.

Industry Support

Nonprofit study abroad and intercultural exchange organization, helps Maine businesses and academic institutions diversify with connections and guidance for hosting international seasonal workers, interns, researchers, professors, and scholars

Industry-targeted workforce/education collaboration, connects educators and business people and helps businesses offer meaningful internships through Maine Career Catalyst program

Seeks to accelerate the creation of quality jobs in Maine by investing in three of the state’s globally competitive and high-growth fields and by strengthening Maine’s workforce capacity

Assists in setting up structured yet flexible training programs designed to meet the specific needs of Maine employers through on-the-job learning and related classroom instruction

Partners with Maine companies to equip the workforce with essential tech skills and advance research and development

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