Invest in Maine

Invest in Maine

While perhaps best known for its pristine natural environment, from majestic mountain peaks to stunning rocky coastline, Maine also offers a dynamic and friendly business community where entrepreneurs and innovators are welcome. Strategically located in the northeastern United States only 90 minutes north of Boston, Maine provides significant market access to North America in an advantageous location for manufacturers to import and process raw materials, as well as export finished goods.

Recognizing that many jobs today can be done virtually, Maine’s outstanding quality of life is a benefit which is impossible to quantify in numbers alone, delivering far-reaching results and rewards for your employees and your business.

Over 90 million consumers in the USA and Canada within a day’s drive

Maine is the #1 Safest State in the USA

3 Intermodal Deepwater Ports

Portland, Searsport, & Eastport

Invest in Maine

“Salmonics owes its successful establishment to the nurturing business environment in Maine. We are humbled by the continued support and generosity from our local partners (such as MITC), consultants, collaborators, family, and friends who have helped establish and drive our business forward. The expertise and ready resources that are available to Maine small businesses is impressive, and it has been very encouraging to see the level of support available for innovation and technology. The technology that drives Salmonics was developed in Maine, and we are happy that we were able to keep it here. Both Veronica Achorn, who played a key role in Salmonics’ foundation, and I first came to Maine for our higher education, and after getting to know its people, beautiful outdoors, and way of life each had already separately chosen to stay and establish our families here. The business support, natural environment, and strong local community made it very easy to choose Maine as a home for both work and family”

Cem Giray, Ph.D., CEO and President, Salmonics LLC (Brunswick, ME)

Talent Development

Maine has hardworking and dedicated workers.

The education sector in the state collaborates with the business community to develop needed talent for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Maine has 27 technical education high schools, 7 community colleges, and 20 colleges and universities.

Businesses in Maine can partner with The Roux Institute at Northeastern University to customize workforce development programs and research collaborations.

State Investment

Maine is investing $50 million to fund innovation by Maine businesses, and $150 million to expand access to affordable broadband over the next two years.

Maine provides support for business startups, a variety of grants and loans, and tax and financial incentives for structures, equipment, and job creation. Let us connect you with the appropriate person at the Maine Department of Economic & Community Development to discuss your specific situation.

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