Invest in Maine

Invest in Maine

While perhaps best known for its pristine natural environment, from majestic mountain peaks to stunning rocky coastline, Maine also offers a dynamic and friendly business community where entrepreneurs and innovators are welcome. Strategically located in the northeastern United States only 90 minutes north of Boston, Maine provides significant market access to North America in an advantageous location for manufacturers to import and process raw materials, as well as export finished goods.

Recognizing that many jobs today can be done virtually, Maine’s outstanding quality of life is a benefit which is impossible to quantify in numbers alone, delivering far-reaching results and rewards for your employees and your business.

Invest in Maine

Unique access to major markets with over 90 million consumers in the USA and Canada

Exceptional quality of life for your employees and their families in one of the safest states in the USA

Cargo service to global markets without the high costs or congestion of major East Coast ports

Invest in Maine

Business Environment

Maine has a supportive and collaborative business community.

From incubator workspace to low cost loans, a range of tax and financial incentives, and R&D funding for innovation, an ecosystem to maximize your company’s chances of success exists here.

Let us connect you with our colleagues at the Maine Department of Economic & Community Development (DECD), Finance Authority of Maine (FAME), and Maine Technology Institute (MTI), as well as make introductions to potential private-sector and R&D partners.

Workforce Development

Maine has hardworking and dedicated workers.

The education sector in the state collaborates with the business community to develop needed talent for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Maine has 27 technical education high schools, 7 community colleges, and 20 colleges and universities.

Businesses in Maine can partner with The Roux Institute at Northeastern University to customize workforce development programs and research collaborations.


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