Manufacturing – making products and adding value to raw materials – is a foundation of Maine’s heritage and continues to play a critical role in the state’s economic well-being.

Maine is an excellent location for manufacturing with available shipping (truck, rail, and ship) to move raw materials into Maine, as well as export finished goods. While emerging companies tend to be smaller and use high-tech precision production, the manufacturing sector in Maine remains strong, continuing to evolve and innovate.

$3 billion in Maine goods exported to more than 175 markets annually

Maine’s top exports include aircraft parts, semiconductors, seafood, and forest products

Approximately 1,850 Maine manufacturers employ over 56,700 workers

Maine manufacturing plays an important vital role across the US and around the world in many sectors including advanced materials and composites, aerospace and defense, biotech and medical devices, blue and forest bioeconomy, and food and beverage.

Safe passage: Maine shipping containers carry the world’s goods, thwart 21st-century threats

Down an inconspicuous side road in the Penobscot County city of Old Town, in a large but unremarkable former truck garage, big things are going on for the global shipping industry.

A startup called Global Secure Shipping is making a new type of shipping container built from high-strength composite materials embedded with advanced sensors designed to enable government and commercial companies to fight theft and tampering.

SoPo electronics manufacturer hired by Boston startup to make wireless chargers smarter

Tech startup DeepCharge Inc., has developed a proprietary platform for high-volume, intelligent wireless charging solutions. Saunders Electronics will serve as the U.S. manufacturing base for DeepCharge, which has also opened an office in Biddeford.

“DeepCharge’s venture into Maine highlights our state’s expanding role in tech manufacturing,” said Paul Meserve, general manager of Saunders Electronics. “This is a great opportunity for us and for Maine.”

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Offers comprehensive one-on-one assistance for small and medium-sized manufacturers in Maine on everything from safety credentials to product development to cyber security

Non-profit organization provides legislative advocacy, scholarship programs, career connections for students and job seekers, and networking opportunities and events

Partners with Maine companies to equip the workforce with essential tech skills and advance research and development

Full time staff of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, machinists, and technicians in a 30,000 square foot state of the art design and manufacturing facility offers services to accelerate growth and add value

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