Advanced Materials & Composites

Advanced Materials & Composites

Maine is an industry hub for innovation in the advanced materials and composites sector.

Businesses and research facilities work together to develop and manufacture innovative, award-winning products. Maine is home to companies focused on extreme applications of advanced materials including temperature, strength, lightness, and corrosion resistance. As a result, products manufactured crossover into several industry sectors including aerospace, boat building, construction, defense, and renewables.

Advanced Materials & Composites

Maine glove maker embraces the cold

For more than 40 years, Tempshield has produced cryogenic gloves, aprons, and other protective gear for those who work with ultra-cold materials, such as liquid nitrogen, at temperatures below -100 degrees Fahrenheit. The world leader is adapting its cold-fighting technology to make gloves and mittens for outdoor sports.

Auburn Manufacturing ramps up production and hiring

Auburn Manufacturing Inc., a Mechanic Falls-based maker of heat-resistant high-performance textiles, is ramping up production – and hiring – amid strong demand from defense and industrial customers.

Industry Support

World-leading, interdisciplinary center for research, education, and economic development encompassing material sciences, manufacturing, and the engineering of composites and structures

World-class polymer-characterization applied research facility provides expertise for manufacturing, process development, and optimization

Nonprofit alliance of composite businesses to recognize and promote Maine’s leadership in the international composite industry, providing opportunities for new commercial ventures, product development, education and training, and access to world class industrial testing laboratories

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