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  • U.S. lobster exports to China tank in the first month with new tariff

    America’s live lobster sales to China hit a two-year low in July, the first month a new tariff on Maine’s signature export took effect. Read more
  • Maine companies feeling pinch of Trump’s tariffs, workers laid off

    On this Labor Day, President Trump says the average worker in America is doing better than ever as he works to fix what he calls “some of the worst trade deals ever made.” Some industries are praising the new trade deals, but here in Maine there is concern new tariffs are hurting our state. Read more
  • Maine lobster wholesaler pinched by China trade-war tariffs

    A lobster wholesaler in York invested $1.5 million to expand its facilities. Maine Coast was finishing up renovations when Maine lobsters were hit with a 25% punitive tariff in mainland China. Owner Tom Adams says Chinese sales accounted for more than 20% of their business last year. Read more
  • International Trade Center helps businesses with global reach

    Even in the face of recent tariffs on a host of overseas goods by President Trump and the resulting retaliations by foreign governments, businesses in Maine are still making their presence felt in the global marketplace. Read more
  • Politicians seek tariff relief for fishing industry

    On the heels of US President Donald Trump’s $12 billion aid package to help American farmers who may suffer losses in the tariff dispute with China, several members in the US House of Representatives are backing a plan to help fishermen and the fishing industry. Read more
  • LePage to lead trade mission to U.K. and Ireland

    Maine’s North Atlantic Development Office is putting together a trade mission headed by Gov. Paul LePage for companies interested in increasing business with the United Kingdom and Ireland. Read more
  • Steel tariffs make lobster traps more expensive

    “The tariffs have wider-ranging impacts than just selling lobsters on the market,” Wade Merritt, president of Maine International Trade Center, said. “This is also about the livelihood of some of our communities where the lobster industry underpins the town.” Read more
  • Some lobster exporters are feeling pinch of Chinese tariff

    The effects of losing a key market ripple through the industry – and could worsen – but Maine’s other lobstering sectors are riding high. Read more
  • Maine Lobster Industry Has Yet to Feel Full Impact of China Tariffs

    Bob Baines does not believe new foreign tariffs will have an immediate impact on the Maine lobster industry. “The state is catching mostly new-shell lobsters that don’t ship well to China or the EU yet,” he said, plucking a few twisting lobsters from his haul to display the small number mature enough for an overseas voyage. That won’t last, Baines said, and harder shells will come with more difficult trade barriers. Read more
  • Steel tariffs could impact lobster traps, industry

    Costs from retaliatory tariffs on steel and aluminum, could trickle down to Maine’s lobstermen. However, a Massachusetts mesh wire company says they have not increased prices to ‘support’ the lobster industry. Read more