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  • Maine Lobster Industry Has Yet to Feel Full Impact of China Tariffs

    Bob Baines does not believe new foreign tariffs will have an immediate impact on the Maine lobster industry. “The state is catching mostly new-shell lobsters that don’t ship well to China or the EU yet,” he said, plucking a few twisting lobsters from his haul to display the small number mature enough for an overseas voyage. That won’t last, Baines said, and harder shells will come with more difficult trade barriers. Read more
  • Steel tariffs could impact lobster traps, industry

    Costs from retaliatory tariffs on steel and aluminum, could trickle down to Maine’s lobstermen. However, a Massachusetts mesh wire company says they have not increased prices to ‘support’ the lobster industry. Read more
  • Tariffs Hit Maine’s Lobster Industry

    Dealers ship millions of dollars’ worth of live Maine lobster to China but much of that business may be headed to Canadian lobstermen after hefty new tariffs. Read more
  • Chinese tariffs will affect Maine lobster business

    On Friday, China’s new 25 percent tariff on lobster and lobster products went into effect. Read more
  • New Tariffs From China Could Hit Maine’s Lobster Industry Hard

    Maine businesses are largely unscathed by the new tariffs China is imposing on U.S. products. But there’s one big exception – lobster. Read more
  • U.S. Chamber comes out against new tariffs, details impact on Maine

    A new analysis by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shows that roughly $130 million of Maine exports are threatened by new tariffs already imposed or threatened by China, the European Union, Mexico and Canada on American-made products in retaliation for new tariffs imposed by the Trump administration. Read more
  • In trade war with Canada Maine mostly got off easy

    As retaliatory tariffs go in place, the highly integrated economies between the neighbors insulate most companies from ill effects. Maine will escape the first round of a trade war with Canada with a glancing blow. Roughly $67 million worth of Maine products will be exposed to retaliatory Canadian tariffs set to go into effect July 1, in response to import taxes on steel and aluminum from the Trump administration. Read more
  • China’s threatened tariff on lobster from U.S. has Maine’s industry on edge

    The Maine lobster industry is reeling at the prospect of losing its biggest overseas market. Industry leaders warn that a proposed 25 percent Chinese tariff on U.S. lobster exports will drive U.S. lobster prices down, causing untold harm to an industry that was counting on China to offset market losses in Europe caused by a trade deal between Canada and the European Union. Read more
  • Maine delegation meets with federal trade reps to protect lobster industry

    Saying lobster is critical to jobs in Maine, generating $1.5 billion in economic activity, Maine’s four congressional representatives met with federal trade officials in Portland Friday. Read more
  • Yale Cordage wins Trade Day’s “Best in Show” honors for second straight year

    Yale Cordage, a Saco company that makes a wide range of specialty ropes for key industries such as mining and arboriculture, took home the “Best in Show” trophy at Trade Day 2018 for a new product that it says is “as strong as steel, as flexible as rope and as malleable as putty.” Read more