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  • Six Maine companies with export focus win slots at annual trade exposition

    Companies that make products as diverse as swim fins for amputees to harness systems for pipe installations have been selected to represent the state’s export community at an annual trade exposition later this month. Read more
  • Annual report shows exports a bright spot in Maine’s economy

    Maine’s export growth outperforms the nation’s, a positive sign for the state’s economy, which otherwise lags behind the U.S. and the rest of New England. Read more
  • Maine excels in exports, falls short in education

    We learned more Tuesday on how our state stacks up against the rest of the country. The Maine Economic Growth Council presented its yearly report Tuesday. The good news is Maine received exceptional performance in international exports, as well as air and water quality, but we fell short in reading scores, post-secondary education and transportation infrastructure. Read more
  • MITC exporter awards include specialty rope maker, UMaine composites group

    Yale Cordage, a Saco-based manufacturer of high-performance synthetic ropes, was among the winners of the 2017 International Trade and Investment Awards. The awards were announced today by the Maine International Trade Center and will be presented during its annual Maine International Trade Day on May 25 at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor. Read more
  • Maine trade group names Yale Cordage as exporter of the year

    The Maine International Trade Center is recognizing four organizations with its 2017 International Trade and Investment Awards, including Yale Cordage as its Exporter of the Year. The awards will be presented during Maine International Trade Day on May 25 at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor. Read more
  • ‘Beer box’ with 50 taps for Maine brews going to Iceland aboard Eimskip

    Maine beer will be shipped via Eimskip to ports in Europe, bringing Maine craft brews into new markets, and Icelandic beer will be featured at a Portland festival in July. Read more
  • Fishermen Say Canada-EU Trade Deal Would Hurt Maine’s Lobster Industry

    Some Maine fishermen say that they’ve always been at a disadvantage when trying to compete with their Canadian counterparts. Now, the Maine lobster industry is weighing a pending trade agreement between Canada and the European Union that could adversely affect lobster prices in Maine. Read more
  • Lobster industry fears lost sales from ramped-up Canadian exports

    A new trade deal looming between Canada and the European Union is setting off alarm bells in the Maine lobster industry. The deal between Canada and the EU – the largest seafood consumer market in the world – would eliminate tariffs on Canadian lobster exports into Europe and give the Maritimes a competitive advantage over their American counterparts, who would be stuck selling lobsters with tariffs ranging from 8 percent for a live lobster to 20 percent on processed or cooked lobster. Read more
  • Eimskip shipping company adding 4 more port calls to Portland this year

    More shipments show the Icelandic company’s confidence in the port’s connection to international shipping lanes and that a cold-storage warehouse will be completed on the waterfront, the director of the Maine Port Authority says. Read more
  • Forum brings northern Maine into loop on global trade opportunities

    More than 2,200 Maine companies are selling goods and services in the international marketplace and the state is attracting interest abroad, according to Wade Merritt, vice president of the Maine International Trade Center. Those Maine companies exported internationally $2.8 billion worth of goods and services last year, Merritt said at a Feb. 9. business forum organized by the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce. Read more