Adrian Horn

Staff Profile

Adrian Horn

Director of Trade Services

Adrian Horn is the Director of Trade Services for Maine International Trade Center.

A first generation US citizen (on his mother’s side), Adrian grew up with his close-knit family in Cananea, Mexico and Tucson, Arizona. After graduating high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served with the elite Marine Corps Security Forces as an infantryman.

After his service in the Marine Corps, Adrian began his career in finance, culminating in commercial real estate finance. He has worked for some of America’s most well-respected corporations in retail, foodservice, commercial lending, finance, and information technology. With years of real-world, front-line business experience, Adrian’s skilled leadership of international and national project management teams delivered measurable value to clients and customers.

Adrian is a graduate of the Northwest University’s School of Business with a focus in intercultural communication and international business. Additionally, he completed the Project Management certificate program at the University of Southern Maine.