Cheryl Rau

Staff Profile

Cheryl Rau

Director of Marketing & Communications

Cheryl Rau rejoined the staff of Maine International Trade Center in 2011 and serves as the Director of Marketing & Communications. In addition to her previous employment at MITC (2003-2005), Cheryl has more than 25 years of professional experience in marketing, program/project management, event planning, and adult education/training.

During her career, Cheryl has focused on continuous learning and strategic, big-picture thinking while adapting best practices gathered from real-world experience in a variety of environments including federal government contractor, manufacturer, IT training center, nonprofit organization, and a start up.

In her role at MITC, Cheryl is responsible for the website, advertising and email campaigns, development of marketing collateral, social media, handling media inquiries, and video production. She selects vendors, manages consultants, and directs major projects such as rebranding of the organization, as well as the redesign and launch of a new website to consolidate several sites. 

When she’s not at work, Cheryl pursues her creative interests through digital art, fine art photography, and writing.

Cheryl has a BA degree in Journalism & Communications from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. Originally from Pennsylvania, she lived in the Washington, DC area for 15 years before relocating to Maine in 1997.