Hillman Norberg

Staff Profile

Hillman Norberg

Trade Specialist

Hillman Norberg joined Maine International Trade Center (MITC) in 2022 as a Trade Specialist. During his graduate studies in 2021, Hillman completed MITC’s Future Global Leaders internship program where he discovered his passion for international trade and its impact on Maine companies.

Hillman grew up in Maine and has lived, studied and/or worked in Argentina, Indonesia, and Italy. At the age of 17, his love for international affairs and business began when he spent a summer in Argentina enrolled at a Spanish language school and interning at Endeavor, a non-profit organization which assists Argentine young entrepreneurs. On two separate occasions, he returned to Argentina to work in hospitality and renewable energy. Hillman’s diverse range of business experience from working with a family affordable housing company, which developed over 1,000 apartments from Aroostook to Cumberland County, to working summers at hotels in Bar Harbor. He has travelled to over 50 countries and extensively throughout Africa, Asia, North America, South/Central America, Oceania/Australia, Western/Eastern Europe including Nordic countries. A native of Bar Harbor and Portland, Hillman has close familial ties to Sweden where his great-grandfather was born.

During his free time and when not traveling in Maine, Canada, or abroad, Hillman enjoys playing tennis, socializing over golf, and exploring nature by hiking, especially in Acadia National Park. He speaks fluent Spanish and is deeply interested in Maine’s cultural and economic relationships with Canada, the Nordics, and Northern Europe.

Hillman earned his Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Fordham University in New York, New York and a Master of Arts in Global Policy from the University of Maine’s School of Policy and International Affairs in Orono, Maine. He currently resides in Freeport and in Bar Harbor.