The Maine North Atlantic Development Office (MENADO) at MITC connects Maine businesses and institutions with opportunities in the North Atlantic and Arctic regions and facilitates introductions for international partners in the region looking to innovate or locate in Maine.

What is the North Atlantic – Arctic region?

Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador), Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom

$1 trillion in infrastructure needed in the Arctic according to research by Guggenheim Partners

Nearly $900 million of Maine exports went to the North Atlantic - Arctic region in 2021

Over 300 Mainers traveled to Arctic markets with MENADO since 2014


MENADO can advise Maine companies on applied, real-world context to increase global competitiveness and make connections with international leaders in marine bioprocessing, forest management and bioeconomy, circular economy practices, smart cities development, and utilizing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Maine’s growing role in the Arctic is facilitated by MENADO, ensuring that Maine voices and expertise are included in key international forums such as the Arctic Economic Council, High North Atlantic Business Alliance, the Arctic Council, the Arctic Circle Assembly, and Arctic Frontiers.

Maine and the Arctic Are Connected

Coordinated by MENADO, Maine has one of the largest organized delegations represented at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavík, Iceland. Maine businesses, academic research, and cultural institutions attended meetings and presented to an international audience on a variety of themes from digital health and blue economy models of success to North Atlantic arts collaboration and rural tourism.

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