MITC Staff: (front row) Zeynep Turk, Maria McIntyre, Wade Merritt, Julia Munsey, Dana Eidsness (back row) Tom Conley, Billie Cary, Patty Davis, Cheryl Rau, and Jeff Bennett


Wade Merritt
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Jeffrey Bennett
Canada Desk Director and Senior Trade Specialist
Industry Areas:  Consumer Goods, Food & Agriculture, and Seafood
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Billie Cary
Trade Information Specialist
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Patty Davis
Director of Finance & Administration
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Dana Eidsness
Director, Maine North Atlantic Development Office
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George Lindbom
International Trade Specialist
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Maria McIntyre
Managing Director, Invest in Maine
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Julia Munsey
Director, Membership and Corporate Development
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Cheryl Rau
Director of Marketing & Communications
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Zeynep Turk
Director of StudyMaine and Senior Trade Specialist
Industry Areas: Education and Life Sciences
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